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Since 25.02.2011 the journal is on the List of Russian reviewed journals by Higher Attestation Commission, where the main research results of PhD thesis should be published. This should be applied for both medical and applied-physics spheres.

About Our Journal

The journal «Radiology — practice» is being published since 2000. The main goal of the issue is coverage of modern technologies and the equipment which aims radiologic images analyses, methods of clinical application: radiography, MRI, CT, ultrasound and radionuclide investigations. We make a scope of continuing education and preparation of x-ray specialists, standardization of all kinds modern x-ray examinations, objective accreditation of x-ray diagnostic departments, and certification, licensing and specialists attesting.

We give medical-technical reviews, such as equipment, examinations methodology, radiation safety, and labour protection. The Journal is intended for x-ray doctors, engineers, medical assistants, technical personnel, dosimetricians, all the leading specialists in x-ray diagnosis, departments’ chiefs in this sphere, chief doctors, and leaders of city/republic level who develop equipment policy in healthcare system.

Editorial policy

Editorial policy of the journal is based on ethical principles of scientific periodicals. Original materials, the content and design of which correspond to the requirements of the publication are accepted.

Reviewing, editing and publishing of materials are free.

The purpose of the publication is a coverage, sustainable introduction of modern technologies and equipment for obtaining and analyzing medical radiological images, methods of their clinical use, primarily in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Aims: ensuring interaction and attracting leading scientists, practitioners and young doctors to publications; emphasis on the issues of continuing professional education, research projects for the development of medical imaging, both at the federal and regional levels.

Target audience: radiologists, specialists of ultrasonic and radionuclide diagnostics, scientists and teachers of specialized departments of universities.