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Since 25.02.2011 the journal is on the List of Russian reviewed journals by Higher Attestation Commission, where the main research results of PhD thesis should be published. This should be applied for both medical and applied-physics spheres.

«Radiology — Practice» journal № 1 (85), 2021

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Congratulations to Troyan V. N. with the honorary title «HONORED DOCTOR of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION»

Diagnostic imaging

Utility of Dual Energy Substruction Chest Radiography
A. Yu. Vasil’ev, D. I. Naumova, O. M. Alekseeva, V. A. Nechaev,
Yu. E. Shunkov, A. R. Dabagov, N. Yu. Petukhova, E. I. Vyatkina

Duplex Scanning of Stenosis in Vascular Access for Hemodialysis
V. S. Koen

The Computer-Tomographic Semiotics, Volume of Lung Damage and Morphological Comparisons in Patients with Severe and Extremely Severe Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19)
V. V. Parshin, E. E. Berezhnaia, M. V. Ketskalo, D. A. Lezhnev

Features of Radiographic Pattern of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Yu. A. Chaadaeva, N. A. Gorbunov, A. P. Dergilev, Ya. L. Manakova

The continued medical education

Possibilities of Digital X-ray Tomosynthesis in the Screening Program for Women with High Mammographic Density (Literature Review with Their Own Сlinical Оbservations)
N. V. Klimova, L. D. Belocerkovceva, А. А. Kuznecov

Radiologic Diagnosis of Gastric Volvulus in Children (Literature Review with Their Own Clinical Observations)
E. B. Olkhova, N. A. Sholokhova, Yu. Yu. Sokolov, I. V. M. K. Akopian,
E. V. Belkina, I. V. Melnik

Clinical observations and short messages

Сlinical Case of Liver Hydatid Echinococcosis from the Experience of the Ultrasonic Diagnostics Practitioner
M. A. Basarukin, E. B. Petrova, N. V. Tyurina

Scientific information, chronicle, ads

Report on the Scientific and Practical Conference «Radiation diagnostics in modern health conditions»

Report on the VI Congress of Specialists in Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy of the Siberian Federal District

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